Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How Sarasota residents can keep Air Conditioning costs down this summer.

This time of year In Florida air conditioning systems run 24 hours a day keeping your home cool and comfortable.  

No other home appliance is so hard at work constantly.  Also, this time of year you can see some pretty high electric bills.  If the heat doesn’t make you sweat – those energy bills sure will.

In Sarasota Florida, the cost to run air conditioning adds an average of $230.00 to the electric bill during the hotter months. Of course if you have a new high efficiency system installed you are paying quite a bit less than that.

When you live in Florida - staying cool is not just a luxury for many people - it’s a necessity. 
Running your air conditioning system shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg, you just have to make sure the unit is operating efficiently so that you get the best performance for your energy dollars.  In our experience, the way to do that is to follow some easy steps.  Here’s how to save 20-50% on your costs:

1.  Regular maintenance -  When you keep your A/C well-maintained, you’re increasing its efficiency by up to 30%.

2. Change Filters on a regular basis -  Dirty filters are a major cause of inefficient operation.  You can save 5-15% in energy usage just by cleaning your filters regularly.

3. Make sure you do not have leaky ducts - Breaks in ductwork lower efficiency by allowing up to 20% of conditioned air to leak out.

4. It goes without saying – but a little common sense goes a long way -   Don’t leave doors or windows open while running your A/C, and make sure the thermostat is set correctly.  Your air conditioner runs no faster at a lower thermostat setting, it only runs longer. The recommended summer setting is 78 degrees. Set it 2 to 5 degrees higher when you're away in the day. Home cooling costs increase 12% for each degree setting below 78 degrees.

5. Have an energy-efficient unit installed - Whether you’re installing a new A/C system or replacing on old one, an energy-efficient model will save you money. 

Air conditioning costs can be managed, simply by keeping your system in good repair and making wise choices about how you operate your system.

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