Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The quality of the air we breathe...

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You can’t see it, but it’s all round us.  The air we breathe is a most essential component for life but easy enough to forget about.  The quality of the air we breathe defines the quality of our lives. A fresh summer breeze will always be preferential to the billowing smoke from a factory.  When the air is pure and clean, we breathe better and we’re healthier.

sarasota hvac contractors - air qualityNewer buildings are built to be energy efficient, and as a result they are airtight.  When fresh air cannot easily enter a building it’s important to ensure that the indoor air is clean.   There are filters and air cleaners available that significantly lower the amount of pollutants in the air.

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, respiratory problems, or other similar incidences, you’ll want to make sure you have very good filters on your air conditioning system.  You can even go a step further and have UV lights installed that will further purify the

If you have questions relating to air quality, UV lights, or air conditioning in general, our comfort consultants are here to help.

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