Thursday, October 27, 2016

McCutcheon’s campaign to rid Sarasota of predatory contractors is off to a great start!

The release of the Beware of Predators video marks the successful completion of  Phase I of McCutcheon’s “America’s Repair Force” consumer education campaign.   

SARASOTA, Florida (October 27, 2016) – Lots of companies say that “an educated consumer is their best customer” but, for Sean McCutcheon, owner of the self-named air conditioning and heating company, these words are more than just a cliché.

 With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Sean has seen every con in the book and he is determined to help educate consumers, before they have a bad experience, not after they’ve already been ripped off and he can do little more than explain how they got scammed.

 To that end, he created America’s Repair Force, a fictional agency tasked with exposing deceptive industry practices. The agency’s message is spread through a series of humorous educational videos starring Special Agent A.C. Winterbottom, a superhero-like character who protects unsuspecting consumers from predatory contractors.

McCutcheon approached this project with the same commitment to excellence that he approaches everything he does. He hired professional videographers, script writers, and actors to ensure that the series was more than just educational. “We want people to enjoy learning these valuable lessons, so they remember them and share them with their friends and loved ones” said McCutcheon.

The videos, which are available through social media and YouTube, are paired with a website ( that includes information on choosing the right contractor, deciphering industry doublespeak, as well as  other resources aimed at protecting people in Sarasota and beyond from unscrupulous HVAC techs, electricians, plumbers, and more.

 “The response to the videos really exceeded our expectations. Primarily through our Facebook page, but also through our website, the America’s Repair Force You Tube channel and website, and our other social media platforms, the videos have been viewed over 40,000 times and the comments and emails from our clients and business associates have been very positive” said McCutcheon.

 The release of Beware of Predators, the 10th in a series of videos that includes the A.C.

Winterbottom origin story, Calling in the Secret Weapon, marks the successful completion of Phase I of the campaign. Stay tuned for more from America’s Repair Force and Special Agent A.C. Winterbottom!

 About Sean McCutcheon’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Sean McCutcheon’s Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. ( has been providing residential and commercial installation, repair and maintenance throughout Southwest Florida since 2003. We specialize in retrofitting and custom designing, energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Florida HVAC Call Center Scams

Beware of any air conditioning company that calls you out of the blue offering an inexpensive tune up or service special. They may just be just looking for a way to get into your home, and then con you into spending money for unnecessary repairs.

Beware of Predators

Ever wish you had someone like Chris Hansen looking out for you? Watch A.C. Winterbottom, Agent for America’s Repair Force, take down this predatory contractor, in the style of To Catch a Predator, and learn to spot some telltale signs of a con, so you can protect yourself - in case Chris and A.C. are busy.